We caught up with the founder of media watchdog Ad Fontes and creator of the Media Bias Chart ahead of the election to discuss news ratings, trust in the media and “junk food.”

We caught up with the media bias expert to discuss transparency in the media and the importance of balancing out your newsfeed.

We caught up with the BBC’s disinformation reporter to discuss the power and pull of conspiracies, especially amid a pandemic.

We caught up with the First Amendment expert to discuss COVID-19, censorship, and the importance of getting your news from more than one place.

I know — your Uncle Rick’s a flat-Earther and he voted for Kanye. But hear me out.

“6% Mel” perfectly encapsulates the state of the infodemic.

A Twitter user known as “Mel Q,” a peddler of the QAnon conspiracy theory, sent out a misleading tweet about COVID-19 numbers that was vastly retweeted, including by President Trump.

We caught up with the former CIA analyst and disinformation expert to discuss her new book, “True or False,” censorship vs. labeling content, and why fake news is an “all of us” problem.

Cindy L. Otis with her new book, “True or False,” a CIA Analyst’s Guide to Spotting Fake News” (Photo courtesy Cindy L. Otis)

“Pink slime” publishers masquerading as local news are expanding their footprint. Here’s why that matters.

Jared McKiernan

Editor/Co-Founder of Our.News + Freelancer

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